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      Bakery sales drop during Lent

      It's the first Friday of Lent and this means a slow time for local bakeries.

      People tend to cut a lot of sweets and rich foods out of their diets during the six week religious observance.

      Huron Mountain Bakery in Marquette prepares for this time every year with their abundance of sales from paczkis on Fat Tuesday.

      "There's a big push up to Fat Tuesday, which we just produce an incredible amount of paczkis. We make 16,000 paczkis, 200 king cakes. It's a very big day on Fat Tuesday and then sales just kind of drop right off for the next six weeks," says baker and manager, Ben Hayes.

      To combat the drop in sales, the bakery cuts back on their labor and production.

      Sales pick back up for the bakery right around Easter.