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      Ball drop an overall success for crowd, police

      The New Year's Eve ball drop was, yet again, a huge success in downtown Marquette. There was certainly no shortage of activity among the crowds and partiers. But often with so many people in an isolated area, things can sometimes get out of hand, especially when alcohol is thrown in the mix.

      The Marquette City Police Department assigned extra officers to monitor the night. Police arrested several people for drunken driving and assault and responded to seven fights in Marquette.

      "There were more fights than in previous years this year; it was kind of a busy night for us in that aspect," said Sgt. Ryan Grimm.

      Things didn't really quiet down for the officers until after 4 a.m. Despite numerous reports of fighting and drunken driving, police said that it wasn't any worse than an average New Year's Eve in downtown Marquette.