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      Ball lightning invaded home

      Joe Vachon came up close and personal with ball lightning. He and his wife, Rose, were entertaining friends on a hot August day in 1980. Joe was making a drink when he turned around...and there it was.

      "You're just speechless when it happens, and you don't experience anything except what's going in your eyes...I was just staring. I was in awe," said Joe Vachon.

      The ball entered the room from the hallway, floated about a foot off the ground, and touched the TV, disabling it, but there was no physical damage.

      The whole event took about 15 seconds. When the ball came into contact with the TV, it imploded with a deafening noise and it shook the house.

      "It was just a very loud bang, and poof it was gone. Everybody was just kind of standing there, staring at each other, looking," said Rose Vachon.

      They describe it as about the size of a soccer ball, floating silently in the air. Joe says it was a bright blue and white and looked more like liquid. He says that had he been blind, he might not have even noticed it until the bang.

      According to the American Meteorological Society , ball lightning is rare, so online footage is scarce and often low quality. On that August day, there were no thunderstorms until after the ball was gone. The Vachons have no footage of their encounter, but Joe says he'll never forget it.

      "If I was the only who had seen it, I probably would not even talk about it, like it was a UFO," Joe Vachon said.

      Thankfully, no one was injured that day, but the TV never worked again.

      This week is Lightning Safety Awareness Week. Check out the National Weather Service for tips.