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      Balloon travels 900 miles to the Upper Peninsula

      Lisa Myhren and her daughter, Madison, were taking a walk along the Green Park beach when Lisa noticed something tangled in the sticks. She picked it up and discovered it was a yellow balloon.

      Little did she know that the balloon carried a big story.

      â??As I picked it up, I noticed that there was writing on the balloon,â?? explained Myhren. â??It said, â??In Memory of Mabel Ann Williams, please call this number.â??â??

      Myhren called, and the man who answered was Mabelâ??s husband, Dennis.

      â??He was so happy that we had called, because they had set off 35 balloons, and this was the only phone call that he had received,â?? Myhren said.

      Those 35 balloons were set off over 900 miles away in West Virginia by a church youth group.

      Mabel died of cancer at 61, and Dennis said she was very involved with the youth group.

      â??He actually said that she actually spent more time with the youth group than him,â?? she said. â??They were more important to her than him.â??

      Now the Myhrenâ??s have a special connection to complete strangers across the country.

      If that werenâ??t enough, the woman who organized the balloon send-off was also named Lisa, and both Lisaâ??s have a sister named Tina.

      â??It kind of restores your faith, you know,â?? Myhren said. â??Sometimes life can be tough, and little things like this that turn into such big things can touch you.â??

      Myhren plans to send the balloon back to Dennis so they can always remember the connection they now have.