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      Band director resigns

      The show of support for Jeremy Connin was all around the room Monday night at the Negaunee Board of Education's monthly meeting.

      Connin said he was told in September 2012 he needed to increase the number of students in band. He says he did so by 30 percent but was not recognized for his achievements, only his mistakes.

      " I have continually worked to improve in my abilities and to support the school and my students and to help my students be the best musicians and young adults they can be , " said Connin.

      Connin felt forced to hand in a letter of resignation.

      Public comment ran longer than expected, and many let their emotions get the better of them when describing how much they adore Mr. Connin as a band director.

      "Mr. Connin definitely pushed me to do more extra things in band, such as Honors Band and helping with the school musical, " said senior band student, Alex Grant.

      " I have a very huge passion for music, and if he were never here, I don't know if I would still be in band, " said senior band student, Anna McDonnell.

      After hearing about an hour's worth of public comment in support of Mr. Connin, the board decided to accept his letter of resignation.

      Mr. Connin's students have only words of support and well wishes for him, and many say they know he will find greener pastures.

      " I have watched him help so many other people, not just me, in his program. And even going on this year, he kept our Jazz Band together and trying to make our Marching Band work, " said junior band student, Sean Mackey.