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      Band will march on despite changes

      The beat will go on this fall for the Marquette Senior High School Marching Band, despite a change in leadership.

      Matt Ludwig recently stepped down from the helm because of an adjustment in his teaching assignment and concerns with time commitments.

      The group is a big part of the Friday night high school football tradition.

      "I know a lot of people come to the games, not only for the football, but also for the band," said sophomore Julia Janowski.

      The new leader of the marching and pep bands is yet to be determined. Superintendent Debbie Veiht said Ludwig chose to step down after consultation with the teachers union and the district administration.

      "That was Dr. Ludwig's choice and his offer to us to say, we'd still like to make sure (the band) is still here in Marquette Public Schools, however, he's choosing to not fulfill part of that because of his other commitments to the district," said Veiht.

      The change in leadership has some students and fans concerned about the band's future.

      "It's the sense of community that's really important to me and a lot of people," Janowski said.

      Even with the change at the top and the uncertainty that lies ahead, the band will be on the field when football kicks off at the end of the month. The new leader will get some help from the former director.

      "That's our plan, Dr. Ludwig, too. He said that he'd be more than willing to work with the person and share music, share space, whatever the person needs to work with the students after school he's willing to do. So that's our goal," Veiht said.

      Band members just want to start marching.

      "I know that a lot of people want to be out on the field in August, September, and October," said sophomore GlenEllen Lehmberg.

      Applications for the position can be submitted through Friday via the Marquette Area Public Schools web site.