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      Banished Words of 2013

      After much twerking and gnashing of hashtags, the word-watchers at Lake Superior State University have released their 39th annual List of Words to be Banished from the Queen's English for Misuse, Overuse and General Uselessness.The list, compiled from nominations sent to LSSU throughout the year, is released each year on New Year's Eve. It dates back to Dec. 31, 1975, when former LSSU Public Relations Director Bill Rabe and some colleagues cooked up the whimsical idea to banish overused words and phrases from the language.*SELFIE â?? * Has the honor of receiving the most nominations this year.*TWERK/TWERKING* â?? Another word that made the Oxford Dictionaries Online this year. Cassidy of Manheim, Penn. said, "All evidence of Miley Cyrusâ?? VMA performance must be deleted," but it seems that many had just as much fun as Miley did on stage when they submitted their nominations.*HASHTAG *â?? We used to call it the pound symbol. Now it is seeping from the Twittersphere into everyday expression. Nearly all who nominated it found a way to use it in their entries, so we wonder if theyâ??re really willing to let go. #goodluckwiththat*MISTER MOM* â?? The 30-year anniversary of this hilarious 1983 Michael Keaton movie seems to have released some pent-up emotions. It received nearly as many nominations as "selfie" and "twerk" from coast to coast in the U.S. and Canada, mostly from men.*T-BONE* â?? This common way of describing an automobile collision has now made it from conversation into the news reports. While the accident's layout does, indeed, resemble its namesake cut of beef, we'd prefer to dispense with the collateral imagery and enjoy a great steak.*SUFFERING SUFFIXES*Many in advertising and in the news took two wordsâ??Armageddon and Apocalypse--and shortened them into two worn-out suffixes this year.*-AGEDDON**â??pocalypse**POLITICS*Politicians never fail to disappoint in providing fodder for the list.*IntellectualLy/MORALLY bankrupt -- *Used by members of each political party when describing members of the other. Cal of Cherry Hill, NJ wonders, "Are there intellectual creditors?"*OBAMACARE*A wandering prefix (see 2010's "Obama-") finally settles down. We thought it might rival "fiscal cliff," the most-nominated phrase on the 2013 list, but it didnâ??t come close.Visit to find out more about the list's history, browse almost 40 years of nominations and submit words and phrases you'd like to see banished. Check the compiled list to find out if your word or phrase has already been banished.