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      Banshee is retiring

      The UP 200's mascot, lovable Alaskan malamute, Banshee, is retiring. Banshee is nearing 13 years old and is starting to feel her age.

      The demanding responsibilities are too much for her now that she's older. Her two-year-old brother, Seamus, will be taking over for her.

      So what will Banshee be doing?

      "She will just be chilling and relaxing," said Banshee and Seamus' dad, Todd Hennigan.

      On Monday, the dogs and their owners traveled to Superior Hills Elementary where they met with the children and talked about what it takes to be a mascot. The kids had a great time and had favorite parts of the presentation as well.

      "I had fun with the dogs," said first grader, Anthony Newman.

      First grader Laci-Ann Bolm said, "I liked the movie and the music."

      "Petting the puppy dogs was my favorite part," said kindergartener, Payton Pleaugh.

      Banshee will be missed, but her brother, Seamus, is excited to take his turn as the mascot.

      To see Banshee's facebook, click here.