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      Baraga State Park prepares for holiday fun

      Campsites are almost full at Baraga State Park as people get ready to celebrate the holiday. Park officials say reservations are up 12 percent from last year.

      It's a busy day as campers roll in to Baraga State Park. Everyone's excited for the Independence Day's festivities. Families are decorating bikes for the morning's bike parade.

      "We use to do it for our kids. Now we do it for the grandkids and great kids and they love it," said Janet Salli, camper.

      Decorating happens at 9 a.m. followed by the bike parade at 10 a.m.

      "I think it's really nice that the park has this for the kids 'cause a lot of places don't have it anymore," Salli said.

      Immediately after the parade, kids will have the opportunity to play games like water balloon toss and sack races. For those who love nature, there's also an explorer guide.

      "She does nature programs and craft activities and guided hikes. Tomorrow she'll be doing a bald eagle craft activity, but then she does have some nature programs on Friday and Saturday as well," said Kelly Somero.

      Out of 115 campsites, only 10 are still available for the 4th. Officials say this is the busiest it's been in years and believe the late start to summer is the reason.

      Festivities are also open to the public; all you need is a recreational pass. If you don't have one, they sell them at the park. For non-residents, it's $30 and for residents it's $11.