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      Baraga students learn about reading and writing

      Some children may think that reading and writing are tasks, but one Michigan author is creatively changing that outlook.

      Jeffrey Schatzer visited Baraga Area Schools for their annual Young Authors Day, a day dedicated to reading and writing. He wants young students to know that reading and writing should be enjoyable and exciting.

      "What I try to do is get the kids as early as I can and talk to them about enjoying reading, not looking at it as a task, but enjoying reading as something that they can do whenever they want and can read about whatever they want," said Shatzer.

      Schatzer talked about the different segments of a story: beginning, middle and end, and how they're different from one another. He also used different voices to try to engage the children.

      In addition to the story telling, students made crafts that pertained to Shatzer's books.

      "There's nothing better than to see the kids get excited about writing because writing can be a hard thing to teach. It can be a hard thing for the kids to learn because there's no concrete formula to say this is how you do it," said organizer and teacher, Jennifer Young.

      Each year, the school tries to pick a Michigan author to speak to the children.

      To find out where to purchase Schatzer's book, click here.