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      Bass Fest tradition continues in Crystal Falls

      The 49th annual Bass Festival continued Saturday in Crystal Falls. The morning included a parade and a canoe race. During the afternoon, families gathered at Runkle Lake Park for food, volleyball and live music.

      The festival is sponsored by the Crystal Falls Lions Club. They will raise thousands of dollars through the weekend that will be given out to Iron County organizations.

      It's an annual event for many, like attendee Erin Glocke.

      "Well I've been coming to Bass Fest ever since I was a little girl, and it's such a great place with all of my friends and family, and it's a great place to reconnect people and meet new people from the town," said Glocke. "There's so much great food, and great music, and it's such a beautiful day, so why would you not come?"

      Bass Fest continues on Sunday. Events on the schedule include the Run Your Bass Off 5K and 10K races at 9 a.m. central time, a community picnic, and a fishing contest in Runkle Lake.