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      Bauman sentenced to probation for shooting neighbor's dog

      The Forsythe Township man who pled guilty to shooting his neighbor's dog was sentenced.

      Michael Bauman, 65, was sentenced to one year probation by the Marquette Circuit Court for shooting his neighbor's dog multiple times.

      Bauman stood before a judge and his neighbor, who's dog he shot, and apologized for his actions.

      He asked to not be sentenced to jail time, because he is the sole care taker of his elderly mother.

      The owner of the dog, Mitzy, also went forth to speak where he presented the court with a detailed, heart-felt speech about how this event has scarred his family and community forever.

      As apart of Bauman's probation he must report to his probation officer monthly, he is not to use, own or posses any fire arms, he must pay a fine to the dog's owner for restitution, and he must stay away from the Johnson family and their property.

      Bauman's lack of criminal history helped the judge reach the conclusion of his sentencing.