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      Baumgartner to be dual athlete, competing in Summer X-Games

      Many of us watched Iron County native Nick Baumgartner compete in the Sochi Olympics this year as a snowboarder. But this Olympian doesn??t stop at winter sports. This year, he??ll have his debut as a dual X-Games athlete at the Summer X-Games in Austin.

      Baumgartner won the 2011 Winter X-Games with in snowboardcross, and this year, it??s off-road truck racing he??s after; the sport that will also have its debut at the games.

      ??This??ll be the first time, and for me to be in it, it's going to be cool,?? Baumgartner said. ??Everyone??s like, 'Are you gonna win? Are you gonna win?' and one thing I can guarantee is I??ll be a fan favorite. If I don't win, I??m going to put on one heck of a show beating the crap out of that truck trying to get it to the front. You get one shot here at life and you might as well have as much fun as you can. I??m fortunate enough to be able to do a lot of cool things and I love it.??

      Baumgartner will be competing June 5-8 in Austin, Texas.