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      Baumgartner's back!

      From Sochi, Russia to Iron River, Michigan. Olympian Nick Baumgartner is back on hometown soil.

      â??There were palm trees there; there's no palm trees here in the U.P.; if they were, they'd be frozen,â?? said Baumgartner.

      From Olympic snowboarding to Upper Peninsula shoveling, he's returned back to the community that loves and supports him.

      â??Being over there, the whole experience was great. I got to go see some cool events, watch my buddies win some medals. It obviously didn't go the way I wanted it to go, but it's nice to be home,â?? Baumgartner said.

      Nick wasn't able to bring back a medal, as he came in fourth place in the first heat. Still, the pride the community has for him is just as golden.

      â??You know what, who cares, he should be darned proud of what he accomplished, just to get there,â?? said Angeli Foods employee, Cory Saigh.

      â??When you're bummed out about your performance, coming home is always a good thing; there's so much support here and everyone, they pick you up when you're down,â?? Baumgartner said.

      Some have asked Baumgartner why he came home before the closing ceremonies; much of it, he said, had to do with his son, Landon.

      â??It didn't go as well as I wanted over there; no sense in being over there and being bummed out. Come home, get back to being a dad,â?? Baumgartner said.

      As he ran errands today, Nick bumped into many supportive fans, some of whom asked about the next Olympics.

      â??Everyoneâ??s asking, â??Are you going to be too old?â?? Well the answer is, â??Iâ??m not going to be too old.â?? Four years from now, Iâ??ve got no problem doing it when Iâ??m 36. Weâ??ll do two more,â?? Baumgartner said.

      But most of the community said they just can't believe they live in a small town with an Olympic athlete who just represented them on the largest athletic stage in the world.

      â??I can't even explain it. Itâ??s just so cool. Itâ??s history in Iron River; he made history in this part of the U.P. and it'll never be forgotten,â?? Saigh said.