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      Bay Cliff campers dress up for the 4th

      Campers from Bay Cliff Health Camp paraded through Big Bay Thursday evening.

      Every camper was rallied up for the big moment. Staff workers made final adjustments to costumes. One-hundred-fifty kids, all ready for a 4th of July parade.

      "I'm a syringe because our unit is health professions," said Olivia Greenspan.

      This year Bay Cliff Health Camp is celebrating 80 years of health, so each unit has their own health theme, like healthy eating, dental hygiene, and exploring the outdoors.

      "We had the kids singing patriotic songs in the dining room at noon dinner. We had one of our campers sing the national anthem. Uncle Sam came to visit. This is a really big day for us," said Tim Bennett.

      The kids started gathering outside of their units and began to line up.

      "It is very special. This camp means so much to me. I mean I pretty much grew up here," said James Keranen.

      Within an hour, they were parading through town in their costumes. Many campers say participating in something like this means a lot to them. It helps them connect with the community and feel appreciated.

      "With some of us, like, other people don't know who we are, so we show them what we're capable of doing so that they understand who we are, what kind of people we are," said Michaela Marino.