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      Bay Cliff Parade delights Big Bay residents

      Big Bay celebrated the Fourth Friday by having their annual Bay Cliff parade.

      Campers and staff from Bay Cliff Health Camp have been holding a Fourth of July parade since 1934.

      Everyone dresses up in creative costumes and builds entertaining floats, then parades around the town.

      But one of the greatest honors of the parade is to be named the Grand Marshal.

      This year, Cole Anderson and Rayna Sherbinow were named Bay Cliff Health Camp Grand Marshals, and were invited to ride in an antique car during the parade.

      "This is a huge time for Bay Cliff. It's a big event for Bay Cliff. And I am so proud to be the Grand Marshall this year. I am just honored," said Anderson.

      The town's EMS and fire services brought up the rear of the parade, handing out candy as they went by.