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      Bay Cliff saves energy

      Donations can accomplish many things for great causes. And for Bay Cliff Health Camp in Big Bay, a large donation meant much-needed upgrades were possible.

      Bay Cliff Health Camp's electrical bills were outrageous from the camp's sodium lights and inefficient appliances, until Alger-Delta Electrical came to the rescue.

      "We've got buildings that were built back in the '60s, and the lighting systems were pretty old and really needed going through, and they did all that for us," said Maintenance Supervisor, Keith Campbel.

      Over the course of last summer, the company upgraded the camp's electrical systems and appliances in the name of their Energy Optimization Program. They then donated over $32,000, which covered 75 percent of the total bill and presented the check to Bay Cliff this past January.

      "The Energy Optimization Program helps members of all kinds implement conservation and energy efficiency measures in their homes and businesses," said Tom Harrell, the General Manager for Alger-Delta Electric.

      With Alger-Delta's donation of money and labor, the camp was able to become more energy efficient. All of the lights were replaced in all of the old buildings, and even a brand new dishwasher was added.

      Harrell said, "One of the reasons that we do this is the cost of saving energy is less than the cost of building more power plants to produce energy."

      The new appliances and lights throughout the camp have significantly lowered energy usage. The camp's electrical bill will now be $6,000 less each year, thanks to the new electrical systems.