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      Bay College students show off their art work

      Bay College hosted their fall art show Wednesday in the Besse Center Galleries. It showcases studentsâ?? pieces from categories such as photography, glass, ceramics, and painting. The pieces are then judged, and winners from each category are chosen by a panel of judges.

      "We have several judges, not just me,â?? said Al Hansen, ceramics instructor. â??We have all the instructors together and we look at the pieces, pick out the prices that we like, and we kind of just break it down and eventually get down to the winners. So it's quite a process; pretty exhausting, too."

      Winners were announced Wednesday during the reception. The first place winners' pieces are purchased by Bay College and displayed through out the campus.

      Many of the students whose pieces were on display are hoping to pursue a creative career.

      "It's amazing,â?? said Jennifer Leaveck, first place winner for Ceramics II. â??It's something I can put on my resume, maybe get further into the art career."

      For those students who are still searching for their preferred medium, winning first place solidifies their path.

      "It means that I did truly find my new medium of art,â?? said Tori Dain, winner of the blue ribbon for Ceramics I. â??I feel completely accomplished and super happy. I can't even explain how happy I am."

      The gallery is open to the public, and Bay College art instructors encourage the community to visit.

      Blue Ribbon winners include: Sara Anderson, Mary Chapman, Tori Dain, Melissa DeClaire, Jacob Gibbs, Kyle Holeomb, Andrea King and Jennifer Leaveck.