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      Bays De Noc Maritime Festival

      It's the third annual Bays De Noc Maritime Festival.

      The harbor at Ludington Park was full of boats including a schooner, the Inland Seas. Visitors got an opportunity to climb aboard and take a deck tour.

      "It's just awesome. There's a feeling of freedom when you're out on the water and there's no motors. It's quiet, you're just running on sail power. It's just cool. There was a little bit of chop to make things interesting and it was just fun," said Cheryl Kemmer.

      Inland Seas was built in Palm Coast, Florida nineteen years go. She's 77 feet long and has crew of five. She's mainly used as a floating classroom for science classes. They also teach some basics on sailing.

      "Well, it's teamwork and you have to know the terms of what sail they're asking for and when to do a particular action. So it really is fun," said Virginia Clairmont.

      Those who stopped also got a chance to shop around at local vendors, listen to live music, and food. However, the festival is a way to remember local history.

      "The sports fisheries, the commercial docks, the boaters that you see in this marina, that's all part of our history and who we are today," said Molly Larson, Event Coordinator.