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      Be The Change: A teenager's lifelong fight inspires others

      Fourteen-year-old Tim Minier of Ironwood has been inspiring others throughout his entire life. But this summer, Tim is working especially hard toward making a change within himself.

      Working with a physical therapist has been part of Tim Minier's entire life. Tim was born with cerebral palsy, and since 2002, he's spent his summers at Bay Cliff Health Camp, learning to work around the obstacles he faces. The camp in Big Bay is a special place for Tim.

      "It means you get to work hard, have fun, and you get to make new friends," said Tim.

      It is Tim's ninth summer at Bay Cliff, and he said he has worked with many influential staff members over the years.

      "All of the unit leaders I've had, even this year, they mean a lot to me," Tim said.

      One of the many people that has a big affect on Tim is Bay Cliff physical therapist Christy Osborn. She has worked at the camp for 15 years and knew Tim during his first summers.

      "He's had a great spirit about him from the start," said Osborn.

      Tim has had an extensive medical history, enduring countless surgeries, encountering some setbacks along the way, but Osborn said his optimism always carries him through.

      His most recent surgery, a major orthopedic procedure, was conducted this spring.

      "He had surgery done on his hips, knees, and lower legs to help with his alignment to help him be more efficient when he walks," Osborn said.

      This summer, Tim is hard at work, changing the way he gets around, and throughout this process, his personality shines through.

      "(Tim is) very enthusiastic for camp and all that life brings, and he's a very hard worker and very focused, too," Osborn said. "He comes in, and he tells us what his goals are, and he pushes hard toward those goals."

      Tim's goals for this summer are huge. Friday on the TV6 Morning News, find out what he's hoping to achieve.