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      Beach season is upon us

      Believe it or not beach season is finally upon us. Beaches in Marquette will be opening up Saturday.

      The city lifeguards will be on duty for the Memorial Day weekend and beyond. Lifeguard hours are from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. seven days a week.

      Guarded beaches in the city are South Beach, McCarty's Cove, and Tourist Park.

      Even though lifeguards will be on duty, the very cold water temps may limit swimming for the time being.

      "Right now the water temp is in the mid 30's people need to be prudent, exercise some caution," warns Marquette Fire Chief Tom Belt. "I wouldn't anticipate anything but some very short periods of wadding for people. Regardless of the air temp you can lose your body heat very quickly and get hypothermic so just cautioning people to use good sense when it comes to going in the water."

      The fire department also wants swimmers to know that due to the ice still on Lake Superior, buoys will not be out on the water yet.

      Beach condition information is also available at the city's website.