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      Beachgoers warned to be aware of strong currents

      With Labor Day weekend expected to draw in large beach crowds, the Marquette City Police and Fire Departments are asking beachgoers to take extra caution.

      Park Patrol Officer Jonathan Cieslinski works eight-hour shifts, traveling to and from all of the city parks and beaches in Marquette, making sure beachgoers are following the law and staying safe.

      "Last year when we had the five that were out at Picnic Rocks that we got called about, that was my call as well. On that day, we had about four foot waves so we requested they stay on the rocks," said Cieslinski.

      Picnic Rocks is one of the more dangerous places to swim because of the currents.

      "People walk, especially weak swimmers, may walk on the sand bar, but once you get about halfway out, then that current will grab them and push them in the deeper water, and that's what created problems in the past and that's the reason why we have a restricted and no swimming now," said Marquette City Fire Chief Tom Belt.

      Lifesaving stations can be found at some of the Marquette beaches which includes jackets, a life ring and a rescue torpedo.

      The Marquette Fire Department has a beach flag advisory system on their website to keep people updated about current beach weather conditions.

      "Every day we change the flags according to the weather forecast that's going to be coming up. If the weather does change radically, then the lifeguards will actually change the flags too," Chief Belt said.

      Labor Day is the final day lifeguards will be on duty in Marquette.