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      Beacon House expands services

      And now it's official!

      The Beacon House and Marquette General Hospital Officials gathered Wednesday for a ribbon-cutting, signifying the beginning of new management of several hospitality services of the Hospitality House of the Upper Peninsula at MGH by the Beacon House.

      "We're real pleased to continue the partnership we've always had with Beacon House and all the good things that they do for the hospital's patients. We want to make everything coordinated even better, so the patient comes in and we can take care of them," said Gary Muller, Chief Executive Officer for Marquette General Hospital.

      The hospital gift shop, the hospital coffee shop, and in-hospital hospitality rooms are now included in Beacon House services. The shops at both Marquette General and the Peninsula Medical Center will keep existing staff and volunteers, but under Beacon House management.

      Proceeds from all shops will be given to the Beacon House to support guests.

      "When the hospital became a for-profit, the gift shops and the coffee shops wanted to remain non-profit. So it's a natural thing that the reverse is happening now, where Beacon House has become the parent," said Sue LeGalley, Development and Fundraising Director for the Beacon House.

      Beacon House and hospital officials say they hope the expansion of services will help guests with unfortunate medical situations feel more at home and taken care of.

      "It's just a great thing. It's a great thing for the volunteers, it's great for the patients. And our focus is on patients and families. That's always been what we're about," LeGalley said.