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      Beacon House Golf Classic a huge success

      It was the perfect day for golf in Marquette.

      â??We couldnâ??t have asked for better conditions: low humidity, light breezeâ?? said Paul Halbour, General Manager at Riverside Automotive.

      Especially when itâ??s also for a good cause.

      â??Itâ??s a thing in Marquette community that we are all proud of and makes Marquette unique in that people come out and support such a great causeâ?? said Ryan Bruns of Napa Auto Parts.

      That cause is the Beacon House Golf Classic. Thirty-six teams made up of celebrities and local golf lovers came out to support Beacon House, a hospitality home in Marquette.

      â??I love what they do and I love what they are about, but itâ??s also great to see all these different folks getting together to have a good time over a day and a halfâ?? said Walt Lindala, Radio Personality. â??Great game of golf, beautiful day, and get outside and support Beacon House.â??

      Some of the participants simply came out for a day of fun.

      â??We are going to have a good timeâ?? said Chad Wester, Marquette County Title. â??We are looking to raise some money for the Beacon House and enjoy some sunshine and a day off of work.â??

      But some of the teams were a little more competitive.

      â??We have a rotation that weâ??re going to go through and stick to that planâ?? said Bruns. â??We had a meeting last night about how to play and what our plan is, so yeah, we are going to get a little competitive.â??

      Despite everyoneâ??s reason for attending, the ultimate goal remains the same.

      â??People from all over the country and all over the world are here to help out Beacon House and to make sure they can raise funds to keep operatingâ?? said Lindala.

      The Golf Classic is the biggest event the Beacon House puts on and this year they expect to raise over $100,000.