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      Beat your winter car troubles to the punch

      To keep your car healthy in the extreme cold, you'll need to add a little extra care inside and out.

      Internally, having the right antifreeze is important.

      "Itâ??s entirely possible that if the antifreeze quality isn't good enough, your car's motor will freeze. Actually the engine block could crack," said Jim Grundstrom of Frei Chevrolet in Marquette.

      It's necessary to have your antifreeze at 20-30 below zero compared to the normal zero or ten degrees above.

      You should also add fuel treatment to your gas tank to help stop moisture from getting into your gasoline which can cause damage to your engine.

      Next is taking care of the underbody of your vehicle.

      "A lot of snow and ice ends up clinging to the bottom of the vehicles. It makes the car heavy; it also makes all of the salt stick to the bottom of the vehicle and start to eat away at all of the components. The thing to do is to try and get your car or truck to thaw out as often as possible, get it through a good car wash where it's warm enough to have some benefit that has an underbody wash and try and get all of that added salt and corrosion out from underneath the bottom," Grundstrom added.

      Here are more car care tips for below zero temperatures.