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      Beaver causes phone outages in the U.P.

      Phone service was restored Tuesday afternoon in the northern Houghton County and Keweenaw County areas after damage was found in an AT&T fiber optic line.

      Officials say a beaver chewed into the main line about three miles south of Calumet, causing the 337 and 289 phone exchanges to be out of service for several hours Tuesday morning.

      The Keweenaw County Sheriff's Department and the Copper Harbor Fire Department served as dispatchers to 911 emergency calls during the outage.

      "The phone system was compromised, that happens when this happens, and we've worked with AT&T in the past to try and resolve this issue," said Houghton County Emergency Manager Jack Dueweke. "And I think we've come up with the only way to do it, to have a little halo, a little secondary point of entrance into the system and we're all hoping that happens."

      This isn't the first time a suspected beaver chewed on a phone line in the area.

      Officials say possibly the same suspect is to blame for a phone outage two years ago.