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      Becoming a healthy, well-oiled machine

      Itâ??s cold and flu season, and it seems like there is really no good protection against getting sick. We get vaccinated, cover our mouths, and glob on the hand sanitizer, yet we still get the sniffles.

      One unique way of staying healthy is by using essential oils.

      Jessica Jukari, owner of J. Jukari Spa and Salon in Houghton, has been using essential oils for years and says the oils are all natural.

      â??Itâ??s basically the life blood of a plant, a shrub, a tree, a flower, a root," said Jukari. "That substance is what actually is the antibacterial, anti-microbial, anti-fungal properties.â??

      Essential oils can be used to relieve many different things from a sunburn, to the winter blues, to a stuffy nose. The oils can be inhaled by putting a drop in your hands and breathing in or applied topically, directly to your skin. Young Living brand of essential oils can even be directly ingested.

      One of the popular ways is by putting it in a glass of water. If you have any cold symptoms, like a stuffy nose, just take a little bit of peppermint, put a drop in your water, and immediately it will clear up your sinuses.

      Karyn Rudak, a distributor of Young Living oils and mother of two, says she uses the oils on her kids to fight off germs that can be picked up at school. She says her kids actually enjoy using the oils as much as she does.

      â??They will pick, a lot of times, which oil they want me to put on them," Rudak said. "I figure if they are picking it, they must need that oil."

      â??Mom just rubs this part first and then the sides," said Rudak's son, Jack. "It smells good.â??

      â??It smells good, and it makes our bellies smell good,â?? said Rudak's daughter, Katia.

      Because there are germs around every corner, Rudak says she feels the oils are her best defense.

      â??So much goes around at schools that I just want to keep them as immune as possible," Rudak said. "It doesnâ??t mean they donâ??t get sick, but it means that itâ??s a lot less severe.â??