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      Becoming a host family for a foreign exchange student

      Have you ever thought about being a host family for a foreign exchange student? Well, the Face the World Foundation is looking for two families willing to do so.

      The foundation places students with a U.S high school and family.

      It gives students the opportunity to enhance their studies and learn about the American culture. Right now they are looking to place two students, one from Brazil and the other from Thailand.

      "The host parents provide the home, the food, and the transportation to activities, back and forth, and if they need anything else, they'll ask their parents. Their original parents," said Matilda Rapp, Face The World.

      To be a host family, you have to have an equipped spare room, pass a criminal background check, and not be living on government assistance.

      To reach Matilda Rapp about becoming a host family call (906) 236-3293 or email rappdogs@yahoo.com.