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      Becoming a musher for the day

      I s sled dog racing on your bucket list? Well, some folks got to cross it off their's at the Tahquamenon Country Sled Dog Race.

      I t's all part of Nature's Kennel Sled Dog Adventure which started a few years ago. They let anyone who wants to dog sled, lease a dog team of four to race with. But they train each person on race etiquette and rules, how to dog sled, and how to manage the dog team.

      T his year they had seven teams participate in the four dog competition.

      "I t's a perfect event for people to come to that don't have a lot of mushing experience. One reason is they get to see the big team. They get to be part of a big race and a big event and all that ch ao s gets out of the way, and then they start and do their own race, but they're still part of something bigger ," said Tasha Stielstra, owner of Nature's Kennel.

      T o participate, each team had to pay $800, b ut that included the entry fee to the race, the dog team rental, and training.