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      Becoming an outdoors woman

      This weekend women are getting the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors at the Bay Cliff Health Camp.

      Becoming an Outdoors Woman is a program put on by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR). It gives women the chance to learn fly tying and snowshoeing. Sixty-eight women are participating in this year's winter program.

      With 16 classes offered, women get to pick three programs they find most interesting.

      "These outdoor women conferences really are a chance to revitalize and just go out. I see my friends maybe once or twice a year, and we're still really close friends, and I just love coming up here with these women," said Margaret Moritz, participant.

      The women can also take a self-confidence class where they learn different self-defense techniques.

      The three day outreach program is offered every winter, and the DNR will also hold a summer program during the last week of May.