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      Beginner skiers can hit the slopes on a budget

      If you've always wanted to hit the slopes but couldn't fit it in your budget, now may be the chance.

      Ski resorts across Michigan are teaming up with McDonalds to offer an affordable introduction to skiing or snowboarding.

      This is the 19th year the Discover Michigan Skiing program has run and it includes a lift, lesson and ski or snowboard rental equipment.

      "Iâ??ll probably go skiing now because itâ??s a lot more affordable," explains 16-year-old Emily Oberthaler. "Probably go skiing with some friends."

      Prices are $20 for cross-country skiing, $30 for downhill skiing and $40 for snowboarding.

      Participating ski resorts include Ski Brule of Iron River, Mt. Zion in Ironwood, Mont Ripley in Houghton, Marquette Mountain in Marquette, and Blackjack Ski Resort and Big Powderhorn in Bessemer.

      If youâ??re interested, sign up for a Discover Michigan Skiing Voucher and then call the ski lodge you wish to go.

      If you have any questions, you can call the Michigan Snowsportâ??s Industries Association (MSIA) at (248) 620-4448