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      Bell cuts Wellness Program

      The Wellness Program at Bell Hospital in Ishpeming is gone and so are the jobs that came with it.

      The program provided personal trainers and exercise equipment for staff and patients to use. In an effort to cut costs, the hospital ended the program and the related seven positions.

      "As we were preparing our fiscal 2013 budget, we made the determination that wellness, while an important program, was not part of our core competency," said Vice President of Organizational Development, Ruth Solinski. "As a result, we eliminated the service line. We have reached out to local vendors in the area to replicate these services so that our employees and our clients that were participating in the Wellness Program do have some options."

      The Wellness Program lost more than $30,000 last year. Ending this program, along with other costcutting moves, is expected to save the hospital about $250,000.