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      Beloved restaurant going or staying?

      Delicious, home-cooked food and decadent desserts are what keep customers coming back again and again to Wahlstrom's Restaurant and Lounge in Marquette.

      So it was a big shock when rumors started to circulate of the local eatery closing down.

      Long-time customer Ben Mukkala said, "It's kind of like saying somebody's going to buy the White House. You know, it's been here ever since there's been a Harvey. You've got to keep it here."

      Wahlstrom's has been a family owned and operated business for nearly fifty years, and despite some rumors, they don't plan on closing any time soon.

      "Let's say that you came here to go to college, but you don't have a house here so you rent a house, and that's where you live and do your work and so on and so forth. Well, that guy that owns the house decides to sell it. That's basically what's going on here," explained owner Steven Wahlstrom.

      Here's what's really happening:

      Wahlstrom's is its own corporation, and they are not closing. But they rent the building they use from a larger, separate corporation. And that corporation is selling the building to the highest bidder in an auction.

      So, the restaurant may go on as normal, however, they may have a new landlord.

      Ultimately, the new landlord, who will be determined at a later date, can do whatever they please.

      Whatever the outcome, the Wahlstrom family hopes whoever the new person or corporation may be will allow them to keep practicing friendly service and serving fresh food to the community.