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      Benishek backs away from debt limit

      The GOP-controlled House has backed away from a battle over the government's debt cap and passed a measure extending Treasury's borrowing authority with overwhelming support from President Barack Obama's Democratic allies.

      The 221-201 vote came hours after Speaker John Boehner announced that his fractured party would relent and not seek to add other items to the must-pass legislation.

      Twenty-eight Republicans voted yes. The bill would permit Treasury to borrow normally for another 13 months and would defuse the chance of a debt crisis well past the November elections.

      Just Monday, Republicans suggested pairing the debt measure with legislation to roll back a recent cut in the inflation adjustment of pension benefits for working age military retirees.

      Congressman Dr. Dan Benishek, from Michigan's First District, voted against the legislation.

      The following is his release explaining why.

      "I came to Congress to shrink the debt so that our kids and grandkids will have a shot at the American Dream. I have supported these measures before, but each time those bills reformed how Washington operates. This bill doesn't represent any progress and has nothing that will help families in Northern Michigan. The President needs to stop just asking for more blank checks. Instead, he needs to work with Congress to find responsible solutions to create jobs and make a healthier economy in Northern Michigan."