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      Benishek fights for Iron Mountain mail processing center

      The Upper Peninsula mail processing center in Kingsford is once again targeted for closure.

      The U.S. Postal Service announced the facility in Kingsford is one of 82 across the nation that will be consolidated. The process will begin in January of 2015. The Postal Service says the closure will be completed by the fall mailing season next year.

      The facility in Kingsford has been on the list for a couple of years, but the closure had been put on hold.

      Congressman Dan Benishek issued a statement today urging the Postmaster General to reconsider the closure.

      "I am deeply disappointed by the Postal Service's determination to close the processing facility in Iron Mountain; a closure that will have devastating effects on the local economy," says Benishek. "Many small business, seniors, and families depend on this processing facility to provide overnight delivery to the U.P., and I want to make sure that this service remains available for this area. This is about jobs and continuing services in our region."

      In the last three years, the Postal Service has recorded losses of $26 billion. They say the next round of cuts will save $750 million a year.