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      Benishek talks jobs with local officials

      United States Representatives Dan Benishek and Hansen Clarke had a bipartisan breakfast Monday morning in Marquette.

      The Marquette Economic Club sponsored the event held at the Landmark Inn. Benishek is a Republican representing the 1st District. Clarke is a Democrat from Detroit representing the 13th District. The politicians spoke out about the economy and job creation, saying bipartisan work is necessary to spur job growth in Michigan.

      "Unemployment is very high in Detroit, it's very high in Northern Michigan, and there's got to be some common ground to work on to create jobs," said Benishek. "We both agree that unreasonable regulation is holding back on creating jobs. Finding which regulation and how to do it...there may be some challenges, but we're working on it." After the breakfast, the lawmakers took a tour of Pioneer Surgical and stopped by Northern Michigan University before continuing on to Escanaba.