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      Best U.P. fishing spots

      We're lucky to be surrounded by such beautiful lakes and wilderness here in the U.P. However, some spots yield better fishing results than others. Finding the best spot isn't always an easy task.

      Where is the best place to land the big one? Well, that depends on what kind of a big one you're looking for.

      Cowboy Lake is a great place to find fish such as pan fish or blue gills. The Michigamme Reservoir is the place to go if you're looking for walleye. And you'll find lots of yellow perch at Peavy Pond.

      Lake Antoine is one of the most popular places to fish in Dickinson County. But the reality is you're probably not ever going to know about the best fishing spots because you're crazy if you think the hardcore fisherman are going to give those up.

      Just listen to some of the Facebook comments we got when we asked where the best fishing holes were.

      Matt Swan says, â??Like any true fisherman is going to give away their favorite fishing spot...Right!â??

      This is from Pam Demmon: â??I doubt anyone is going to give up their spot if it actually produces fish!â??

      Even if you don't have a secret fishing hole, you can still have a good time at one of the more popular spots, like Lake Antoine.

      â??It's a very popular place to fish because it's so close,â?? says Randy Gustafson. â??It's right in town. It's just like how the areas north of town are so heavily hunted because it's so close.â??

      Pete Mackin reckons the best place for ice fishing is Iron County. He says, "Iron County should be the top U.P. destination overall. Lake Mary, Lake Emily, Fortune Lake, Chicagoan Lake, Michigamme Reservoir, Ice lake, Sunset Lake, Long Lake, Peavy Backwaters are all within 15 or 20 miles of town or less.â??

      So those are the more popular spots.

      If you want to find your own hot spot, that's something you're going to have to do on your own.