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      Better fishing for anglers, one crib at a time

      Aerial photo of what the completed crib reefs will look like

      On Saturday, over two dozen volunteers worked tirelessly building man-made fish crib reefs for the Michigamme Reservoir in Crystal Falls.

      Approximately 20 fish crib reefs that are 5 feet high and 8 feet in length and width will be built.

      Once warmer weather comes, the reefs will break through the ice and fall to the bottom of the reservoir, creating a habitat for fish wildlife.

      Biologist Bill Ziegler says the fish cribs also creates a better habitat for the fisherman. He added "fishing on a weed bed is a good place" for anglers to wheel in a catch.

      "It also provides valuable cover that was lost over time ever since the reservoir was built," said Ziegler.

      The crib reefs are placed together in a zig-zag pattern to maximize their habitat potential.

      Fisheries research reveals that a reef made of a number of cribs has more habitat value than individual cribs placed around the lake, while the zig-zag pattern maximizes their habitat value.