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      Beware of malware

      If you havent done a malware scan in the past few months, your computer may have been one of the 300,000 worldwide that experienced an internet black out on Monday.

      Six cyber-criminals infected millions of computers with malicious software that redirected internet searches to fake websites, which in turn infected computers with malware. On Monday, the FBI shut down internet servers that supported computers that were affected by the virus.

      By turning off the servers, it kicked all computers that were still infected with the malware offline.

      "Bottom line if this happens to you, don't fall for it," said Eric Sundell of 906 Technologies. "Do not go on and fill in any personal information whatsoever. X out of it. Probably the best thing to do is contact your ISP."

      In addition to contacting your internet service provider, if you're concerned about malware, there are free protection programs you can download to your computer.