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      Beware the Gypsy Scams

      Residents in Delta and Menominee Counties are being warned of possible scams by traveling workers.

      The Michigan State Police reports these so-called "Gypsy Scams" involve traveling con artists. These perpetrators will come to a person's home, offering to do home repairs and improvements at a low cost.

      One of the most common scams involves painting barns. Instead of using exterior paint, they often use an interior water based paint. Initial inspection of the work seems fine. However, after the job is paid for and the scammer leaves, that's when the inferior paint job is noticed. Long after the worker has left the area.

      Similar scams include asphalt paving. Also scammers will partially do a job, ask for payment, and then leave without ever returning to finish the work. Perpetrators have also been known to do exterior home improvements without permission of the homeowner and then demanding payment.

      Residents can avoid these scams by only doing business with local companies and contractors. Be sure to research a contractor prior to hiring them.

      If you believe you have been the victim of a "Gypsy Scam" please contact the Michigan State Police Gladstone Post at (906)428-4412.