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      BG Bradley's Just Stories

      As far as he knows, his stories are all true, give or take his memory.

      Story telling has been part of BG Bradley's entire life. BG says his upcoming performance is more of a funny memoir of his life. "In a story, you can do that in a way that is fun and comfortable, insightful, not so much about high tech but just about being people. The connections we make with each other," said BG Bradley. BG tells it all from the time as he was growing up, raising his own kids to teaching at school. Most of the show centers around growing up in the U.P. and a small town. He says it's mostly funny, with some sad moments but overall an entertaining perspective of his own life. "Hope it makes them think a little bit, and I hope it makes them laugh a lot. Just come to understand some of the things that I have come to understand about life and about living in the U.P. and about being a small town person," Bradley said. He has more than a dozen stories to tell, so his show will last an hour and a half. You can see him perform at the Joy Center in Ishpeming, Wednesday, February 20, at 7 p.m. Tickets are $5. Click here for more information