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      BHK Food Progam provide students with free lunches during the summer

      Baraga, Houghton and Keweenaw schools are offering their students free lunch over the summer even though school isn't technically in session.

      Even after the school year is over, some students still need a place to eat lunch.

      That's why during the summer, the Baraga-Houghton-Keweenaw Child Development Board, or BHK is making the school cafeteria the summer cafeteria as well.

      "We offer a free lunch to support children who would otherwise qualify for free or reduced meals during the school year. Now this is an opportunity for them to have access to nutritious meals during the summer" said nutrition coordinator Katie Waara.

      For example, Baraga Area Schools qualifies for free and reduced lunch. which means any student there is eligible so long as they sign up for the Summer Food Service Program.

      "Children that are school-aged, so kindergarten through 18, are invited to apply for our GE program and once that application is filled out they can come in and have access to our programs and they have access to the free lunch as well." said Waara.

      The schools say they aren't skimping on nutrition in their summer meals. They say that the meals are just as nutritious as what is served during the school year. And the kids, whether they like it or not, seem to agree.

      "Broccoli, they...if you say 'I don't really like broccoli' or something, they still give you it because they have to. They think you should always eat...healthy." said student Autumn Wilson.

      The Summer Food Service Program began on June 18th and will run through August 15th.

      To find out more about the program, click here