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      BHK receives five-year $20 million grant

      BHK Child Development in Houghton is receiving a five-year $20 million non-competitive grant from the Federal Administration for Children and Families. The money will go toward sustaining their Head Start and Early Head Start programs.

      In previous years, BHK has received grants annually.

      BHK is required to submit a five-year plan for how their money will be used.

      They said the grant shows confidence in the organization after rough times in the fall.

      â??Staff here has been doing unbelievably hard work to right the ship, take care of some of the issues, and regain our reputation as being an excellent agency that provides childcare and services to families,â?? said executive director of BHK Child Development Board, Patrick Rozich.

      Rozich said BHK did not apply for the grant. He said BHK is very grateful to have the opportunity to restore the Head Start and Early Head Start programs back to the way they were.