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      Bicycle built for two

      For most of us, we learn to bike ride at a young age, but for one 22-year-old woman, she's just now taking the ride of her life.

      "She's got all this freedom in front of her, nobody in her way. She's just got the wind in her face," said Cindy Ogren.

      Mara Ogren was born with Cerebral Palsy, spending most of her days in a wheelchair, making it impossible for her to ride a bike like everyone else. But lately, with the help of her mother, she's been riding in style with a custom-built bike.

      Cindy Ogren was surfing the Internet one evening about a month ago when she came across the $5,200 bike.

      "She was getting the bike. One way or another. If I had to sell baked goods on the street corner, somewhere, Maura was going to get her bike. As children, you always think, I want more for my kids than I had for myself. Sure, your parents always try to do the best for you, and that's just what I'm trying to do for her. I'm just trying to do the best I can do. I want her to have every opportunity in the world," Ogren said.

      Since they received the bike a week ago, they've been out riding every day.

      Cindy says this is the only bike of its kind in all of the U.P., and with their daily bike trips, they're giving a whole new meaning to the saying 'a bicycle built for two."

      "It makes me feel like I just went to the end of the Earth and back for her again. It brings tears to her eyes. It makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, knowing that you did something so special and so marvelous for your daughter that she would probably not do otherwise," Ogren shared.

      Once winter hits, Cindy plans on riding with Maura indoors at the Delta County Mall.