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      Bicycling for better nutrition

      One Upper Peninsula local is traveling the country, spreading the word on healthy eating by bike, and the trip is called the School Food Tour.

      With just her bike, Sarah Salo started the tour last August in Oregon. Along the way, she stopped in many schools to talk to students about healthy eating habits.

      She says by biking, it gets people's attention and it is an immediate conversation starter. During her presentations, she encourages students to form goals on eating healthier.

      We caught up with Sara during her stop at Bothwell Middle School.

      "Talking to the kids is really fun because they're so curious about the trip that it gets them going and talking about healthy foods, which isn't necessarily a really high priority for them," said Salo.

      The tour wraps up on Friday in Salo's hometown of Houghton. Cycling for a cause, she will have biked 5,000 miles across the United States.