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      Big Bay stays classy with antique cars

      Classic cars were seen in Big Bay on Sunday. It was the annual Antique and Classic Car Show at the Thunder Bay Inn in Big B ay.

      Anyone with a car at least 25 years old was invited to show it off. More than 30 car owners brought their vehicle this year, many of which return every year. Registration was free and came with a free lunch. Visitors voted on which car was their favorite.

      This is a casual and social tradition of more than 20 years at the Thunder Bay Inn.

      "I like the idea that people come here every year, and that they come, park their car, and go sit under a tree and have a conversation with their colleagues and friends," said Wayne Peacock, owner of the Thunder Bay Inn.

      The oldest car present was a 1909 Sears high-wheel, but there was a wide range of vehicles, including a 1981 DeLorean.