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      Big future plans for the city of Ishpeming

      And it's official.

      The city of Ishpeming will be welcoming two roundabouts in 2016.

      The City Council was given two options a few months ago in an effort to avoid future accidents in the accident-prone area of US-41 and Second and Third Street.

      A roundabout involving US-41 and Second Street was approved last year.

      But then the question was how to connect Second and Third street, to provide easier public access.

      "Right now we're just in the very preliminary design phase. So we need to meet with the city and make some decisions on, you know, types of materials they want to use, type of lighting they want to use, where they want sidewalks, that sort of thing," said Stephen Wright, Project Manager.

      With Two roundabouts, the plan will look like this: There will be one roundabout connecting US-41 and Second Street, in front of the National Ski Hall of Fame.

      There will then be another roundabout behind the Ski Hall, connecting Third and Second Streets.

      The North end of Third Street will be a dead end, ending at the Holiday Gas Station.

      The total cost for the US-41 roundabout has not yet been determined.

      The Second and Third Street roundabout will be around half a million dollars.

      The costs will be covered with grants and the city budget.

      We just hope that it will provide an easy connector route to the highway and hopefully be safer. The real reason behind the project right now is because of the number of crashes that have happened at both Second and Third streets on the main highway. So hopefully this will alleviate that problem," said Wright.

      The city anticipates construction to begin sometime in the spring and summer of 2016.

      As of right now, many of the plans are in the infant stages, so much is still needed to be discussed.