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      Big plans for Nudge this year

      They are rockers at heart but add their own twist to the songs they play.

      Since 2008, Nudge has made their way around the U.P. and as far away as Minnesota, playing at local venues.

      "We are all kinds of rockers in this band, and so we like to get an old country song or funk or disco song and do our thing to it. Just have fun with it," said Danzo McCraken, guitarist.

      The band has a new drummer, Scott Kusmirek, former drummer of Gin Blossoms. Scott, a U.P. native, moved back to his hometown of Munising after spending 20 years working on his music career in Arizona and Los Angeles. However, he brings more to the band than just his experience playing different types of music.

      Up until the band met Scott, who has his own recording studio, producing original music was just talked about. Now it's a reality.

      Nudge is now working on their first album, which they expect to be done this summer. They also plan to have their first single, playing on local radio stations in the spring.

      "They have some really cool originals they have written, and that's really what my influence is. A little different style of music that we added to the set list which kind of rounded it out, but mostly my focus is the original music and recording original music," said Scott Kusmirek.

      However, that's not all Nudge is expecting to accomplish. 2013 will be filled with a lot of traveling. They are working with agents and booking more shows out of state.

      "I'm very excited. I have never had the chance to record original music with this band. We love playing together so much, everyone gets along. It's a good chemistry," McCraken said.

      If you want to see them live, they will be at the Rookies Sports Bar in Negaunee Friday and Saturday at 10 p.m.

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