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      Big Powderhorn season preview

      The snow's not sticking yet, but the few flurries we've seen so far is a sign of the upcoming winter sports season. And for Big Powderhorn Ski Hill, they've been preparing for their opening weekend, which is set for mid-November.

      "I think a lot of people don't understand. They think the ski resort just opens when the snow comes. Our crews are busy all summer preparing the hill for next winter," said General Manager Bruce Noren.

      Noren says they've been doing everything from cutting the ski hill grass to testing the lift, as well as preventative maintenance on their three groomers.

      "This is definitely our crunch time, especially as the weather starts to get colder and we get out first snow. It kind of puts things in perspective of how close the season really is. It comes down to the wire, right in the last few weeks here," said maintenance worker Matt Westphal.

      Not only do staff take care of what needs to be done outside, but they also focus on what needs to be done inside. This week, they're preparing the pool for opening weekend.

      After a fire that burned down their lodge in 2011, they built a new one, and staff is ready to show off for its first full season.

      "We had the new lodge open about the middle of last season. All of our guests really enjoyed it, so we expect this year, as the word has gotten out about the new lodge, that a lot of new guests will come experience Powderhorn for the first time," Noren added.

      The ski hill plans to open mid-November, with their season closing near the end of March.