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      Big turnout for 550 Snowmobile show

      1950s Eliason

      They may not be brand new, but they were still something to look at.

      Dozens of snowmobile enthusiasts were in Big Bay Saturday for an antique snowmobile show. Itâ??s been put on by the 550 Snowmobile Club for the past 13 years.

      This year more than 100 snowmobiles were on display. One of the oldest was a 195's Eliason passed down through three generations.

      "People just like to look back at how it used to be," said Scott Nieuwenkamp, the owner of the 1950s antique ride. "Iâ??m sure when that machine hit the snow in 1950, it looked like a spaceship to most people."

      The event raises money for local families in crisis. Since it began, about $10,000 has been donated.